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Novem­ber 2022 Fea­tured Books

Mother Mary

Fea­tured Book All Geor­gians Should Read

In Moth­er Mary Comes to Me: A Pop­cul­ture Poet­ry Anthol­o­gy, edit­ed by Karen Head and Collin Kel­ley, poets explore the inter­sec­tion of the sacred and the larg­er than life per­sona that Mary has become through­out the ages and how she still holds sway in 21st cen­tu­ry as a fig­ure to be praised, feared and mined for pathos and humor. View our two vir­tu­al read­ings with the poets fea­tured in this anthol­o­gy here and here.

Theo TheSaurus

Fea­tured Book All Young Geor­gians Should Read

Theo The­Saurus: The Dinosaur Who Loved Big Words is a pic­ture book by Shel­li R. Johannes, illus­trat­ed by Mike Moran. When a big vocab­u­lary leads to big con­fu­sion, Theo The­Saurus learns that there are some things you can say with­out any words at all! This sto­ry is Fan­cy Nan­cy for dinosaur lovers. View an event with Shel­li here.

Octo­ber 2022 Fea­tured Books

October Book All Georgians Should Read

Fea­tured Book All Geor­gians Should Read

Mon­ster in the Mid­dle by Tiphanie Yanique, the award-win­ning author of Land of Love and Drown­ing, is an elec­tric new nov­el that maps the emo­tion­al inher­i­tance of one cou­ple new­ly in love. View Tiphanie’s pan­el from the 2021 Decatur Book Fes­ti­val here. Tiphanie was also a pan­elist at the 2022 Decatur Book Fes­ti­val, and you may watch that here. You may view a vir­tu­al event with her here, and read an inter­view with her here.

October Book All Young Georgians Should Read

Fea­tured Book All Young Geor­gians Should Read

Beasts of Prey by Ayana Gray is the first in her block­buster YA fan­ta­sy series, per­fect for fans of Firekeeper’s Daugh­ter and Iron Wid­ow. In it, fate binds two Black teenagers togeth­er as they jour­ney into a mag­i­cal jun­gle to hunt down a vicious mon­ster. View a vir­tu­al event with Ayana here. Read inter­views with her here and here. Geor­gia shares Ayana Gray with the great state of Arkansas where she now lives and teach­es. Beasts of Prey was the Arkansas Young Read­ers’ Selec­tion for Great Reads from Great Places” at the Nation­al Book Fes­ti­val. Vis­it the Arkansas Cen­ter for the Book web­site for more infor­ma­tion and to watch their Nation­al Book Fes­ti­val video.

Sep­tem­ber 2022 Fea­tured Books

September Featured Book - AGR

Fea­tured Book All Geor­gians Should Read

The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois by Hon­orée Fanonne Jef­fers is an award-win­ning nov­el that tells the sto­ry of Ailey Pearl Garfield, as she embarks on a jour­ney through her family’s past, uncov­er­ing the shock­ing tales of gen­er­a­tions of ances­tors — Indige­nous, Black, and white — in the deep South. In doing so Ailey must learn to embrace her full her­itage, a lega­cy of oppres­sion and resis­tance, bondage and inde­pen­dence, cru­el­ty and resilience that is the sto­ry — and the song — of Amer­i­ca itself. Watch Hon­orée in con­ver­sa­tion with Tra­cy K. Smith here. Read an inter­view with her here.

September Featured AYGR

Fea­tured Book All Young Geor­gians Should Read

There’s No Ham in Ham­burg­ers by Kim Zach­man is an enter­tain­ing and edu­ca­tion­al mid­dle-grade read. From hot dogs and ham­burg­ers to ice cream and piz­za, this fas­ci­nat­ing book is full of fun facts and sto­ries of the ori­gins of some of Amer­i­ca’s most pop­u­lar foods. Watch Kim’s video she did for a part­ner­ship between the Geor­gia Cen­ter for the Book and SCB­WI — South­ern Breeze (the Soci­ety of Chil­dren’s Book Writ­ers and Illus­tra­tors) here. Watch an event with her here.

August 2022 Fea­tured Books

August AGR Featured Book

Fea­tured Book All Geor­gians Should Read

The Part­ed Earth by Anjali Enjeti spans more than half a cen­tu­ry and cities from New Del­hi to Atlanta. Enjeti’s debut nov­el is a heart­felt and human por­trait of the long shad­ow of the Par­ti­tion of the Indi­an sub­con­ti­nent on the lives of three gen­er­a­tions. For read­ers of Jess Walter’s Beau­ti­ful Ruins, The Part­ed Earth fol­lows Shan on her search for iden­ti­ty after loss uproots her life. Above all, it is a nov­el about fam­i­lies weath­er­ing the last­ing vio­lence of sep­a­ra­tion, and how it can often take a life­time to find uni­ty and peace. Watch her event with the Geor­gia Cen­ter for the Book here. Read inter­views with Anjali here and here.

August AYGR Featured Book

Fea­tured Book All Young Geor­gians Should Read

Name Tags and Oth­er Sixth-Grade Dis­as­ters by Gin­ger Gar­rett is a mid­dle-grade nov­el about twelve-year old Liz­beth. When she has to start sixth grade all over again at a new school because of her par­ents’ divorce, she gets stuck sit­ting with the Weirdos. She’s also forced to wear a name tag until every­one learns her name — or makes up a new one for her. Mean­while, all her plans to reunite her par­ents go awry as she acci­den­tal­ly saves the school arts pro­gram and stands up for out­siders every­where. Find a brief dis­cus­sion guide from Lern­er here.

July 2022 Fea­tured Books

July Featured AGR Book

Fea­tured Book All Geor­gians Should Read

Chas­ing Me to My Grave: An Artist’s Mem­oir of the Jim Crow South writ­ten by Win­fred Rem­bert, as told to Erin I. Kel­ly, won the Pulitzer Prize for Biog­ra­phy in 2022. Vivid, con­fronta­tion­al, rev­e­la­to­ry, and com­plex, Chas­ing Me to My Grave is a sear­ing mem­oir in prose and paint­ed leather that cel­e­brates Black life and sum­mons read­ers to con­front painful and urgent real­i­ties at the heart of Amer­i­can his­to­ry and soci­ety. Chas­ing Me to My Grave presents Rem­bert’s breath­tak­ing body of work along­side his sto­ry, as told to Tufts Philoso­pher Erin I. Kel­ly. Watch our event with Win­fred’s wid­ow, Pat­sy Rem­bert, and Erin I. Kel­ly here.

July Featured AYGR Book

Fea­tured Book All Young Geor­gians Should Read

Run: Book One is a graph­ic nov­el writ­ten by Con­gress­man John Lewis and Andrew Aydin, and illus­trat­ed by L. Fury and Nate Pow­ell. Watch the book trail­er here. Run is the sequel to the #1 New York Times best­selling graph­ic nov­el series March—the con­tin­u­a­tion of the life sto­ry of John Lewis and the strug­gles seen across the Unit­ed States after the Sel­ma vot­ing rights cam­paign. In Run: Book One, John Lewis and long­time col­lab­o­ra­tor Andrew Aydin reteam with Nate Pow­ell — the award – win­ning illus­tra­tor of the March tril­o­gy — and are joined by L. Fury — mak­ing an aston­ish­ing graph­ic nov­el debut — to tell this often over­looked chap­ter of civ­il rights history.

June 2022 Fea­tured Books

June 2022 Featured Book

Fea­tured Book All Geor­gians Should Read

A Night at the Sweet Gum Head: Drag, Drugs, Dis­co, and Atlanta’s Gay Rev­o­lu­tion by Mar­tin Pad­gett is a non­fic­tion book that tells an elec­tric and inti­mate sto­ry of 1970s gay Atlanta through its bedaz­zling drag clubs and bur­geon­ing rights activism. Watch to Mar­tin dis­cuss the book at last year’s Decatur Book Fes­ti­val here. Read a Q & A with the author from Atlanta Mag­a­zine here.

June 2022 Featured AGR Book

Fea­tured Book All Young Geor­gians Should Read

Needle & Thread by David Pinck­ney is a YA graph­ic nov­el and com­ing-of-age yarn about self-dis­cov­ery, resilience, and the endur­ing pow­er of hav­ing a per­son believe in you! View the trail­er for the book to learn more here. Learn more about the artist of the book, Ennun Ana Iurov, here.

May 2022 Fea­tured Books

Featured May 2022 AGR Book

Fea­tured Book All Geor­gians Should Read

Chron­i­cling Stanko­nia: The Rise of the Hip-Hop South by Regi­na N. Bradley is a vibrant non­fic­tion book that reflects the ways that cul­ture, race, and south­ern­ness inter­sect in the late twen­ti­eth and ear­ly twen­ty-first cen­turies. Although part of south­ern hip-hop cul­ture remains attached to the past, Bradley demon­strates how younger south­ern­ers use the music to embrace the pos­si­bil­i­ty of mul­ti­ple Souths, mul­ti­ple nar­ra­tives, and mul­ti­ple points of entry to con­tem­po­rary south­ern black iden­ti­ty. Learn more about it here. Hear Dr. Bradley on a pan­el for us dis­cussing Rob Ken­ner’s The Marathon Don’t Stop: The Life and Times of Nipsey Hus­sle here. Lis­ten to her dis­cuss Chron­i­cling Stanko­nia with Kiese Lay­mon here.

May 2022 Featured AGYR Book

Fea­tured Book All Young Geor­gians Should Read

Fast Pitch is a mid­dle-grade nov­el from #1 New York Times best­selling author Nic Stone. It is a chal­leng­ing and heart­warm­ing com­ing-of-age sto­ry about a soft­ball play­er look­ing to prove her­self on and off the field. Read an inter­view with Nic about the book here, and lis­ten to Nic talk about the book here.

April 2022 Fea­tured Books

May 2022 Featured AGR Book

Fea­tured Book All Geor­gians Should Read

Peach State: Poems by Adri­enne Su is a col­lec­tion of poet­ry that has its ori­gins in Atlanta, Geor­gia, the author’s home­town and an emblem­at­ic city of the New South, a name that reflects the Amer­i­can region’s invig­o­ra­tion in recent decades by immi­gra­tion and a spir­it of rein­ven­tion. Focused main­ly on food and cook­ing, these poems explore the city’s trans­for­ma­tion from the mid-twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry to today, as seen and shaped by Chi­nese Amer­i­cans. The poems are set in restau­rants, home kitchens, gro­cery stores, and the hous­es of friends and neigh­bors. Often employ­ing forms — son­net, vil­lanelle, ses­ti­na, palin­drome, ghaz­al, rhymed stan­zas — they also mir­ror the con­stant nego­ti­a­tion with tra­di­tion that marks both immi­grant and South­ern expe­ri­ence. Read an inter­view with Adri­enne to learn more. We chose Adri­en­ne’s col­lec­tion as our 2021 Route 1 Reads pick, which is a pro­gram with oth­er Cen­ters for the Book. As part of this, she par­tic­i­pat­ed in a col­lec­tive vir­tu­al read­ing with oth­er select­ed poets, and you can watch that here. Adri­enne is towards the end, but we encour­age you to watch the whole read­ing. She also par­tic­i­pat­ed in a read­ing for Geor­gia Poet­ry in the Parks, which you may watch here.

May 2022 Featured AYGR Book

Fea­tured Book All Young Geor­gians Should Read

We Are All Under One Wide Sky is a pic­ture book by Deb­o­rah Wiles. Chil­dren gig­gle, whirligigs spin round, and song­birds sail the air in this beau­ti­ful, lyri­cal pic­ture book. We Are All Under One Wide Sky weaves togeth­er images of chil­dren, nature, and archi­tec­ture from around the world, both cel­e­brat­ing our diver­si­ty and show­ing how we are the same in so many ways. Whether tend­ing sheep in Afghanistan, water­ing tulips in the Nether­lands, or fly­ing kites in the Unit­ed States, chil­dren enjoy one anoth­er and the spa­cious world around them. They share pic­nics and play music, play games and climb trees. A peace anthem with a time­ly and impor­tant mes­sage, We Are All Under One Wide Sky shows us that what we have in com­mon is what is most important­: fam­i­ly, laugh­ter, love, nature, and friend­ship. We all share the same wide sky. Check out a video read­ing of the book here. Read an inter­view with Deb­o­rah here.

March 2022 Fea­tured Books

March Featured AGR Book

Fea­tured Book All Geor­gians Should Read

Wild Spec­ta­cle: Seek­ing Won­ders in a World Beyond Humans by Janisse Ray, which is a mem­oir of one wom­an’s inten­tion­al explo­ration of the wild world. Read more about it here. We wel­comed Janisse last fall as part of the Con­ver­sa­tions at First Bap­tist series, and you may watch a record­ing of that event here. Check out Janisse talk­ing about her mem­oir here, and read oth­er essays by her here.

March 2022 Featured AYGR Book

Fea­tured Book All Young Geor­gians Should Read

The Strange Birds of Flan­nery O’Con­nor is a pic­ture book biog­ra­phy of the famous Geor­gia author by Amy Alz­nauer, with love­ly illus­tra­tions by Ping Zhu. Flan­nery was born March 25, 1925, so we cel­e­brat­ed this book in March for her birth­day! Learn more about the book here. Watch Amy and Ping dis­cuss their love­ly pic­ture book here, and read more about the book here.

Feb­ru­ary 2022 Fea­tured Books

February Featured AGR Book

Fea­tured Book All Geor­gians Should Read

Memo­r­i­al Dri­ve: A Daugh­ter’s Mem­oir is a chill­ing­ly per­son­al and exquis­ite­ly wrought mem­oir of a daugh­ter reck­on­ing with the bru­tal mur­der of her moth­er at the hands of her for­mer step­fa­ther, and the mov­ing, inti­mate sto­ry of a poet com­ing into her own in the wake of a tragedy. Learn more in this arti­cle from the New York Times, and read an inter­view with Natasha about the book in the South­ern Review of Books here, and vis­it Natasha’s web­site to read more about her and her oth­er work.

February Featured AYGR Book

Fea­tured Book All Young Geor­gians Should Read

Why We Fly by Kim­ber­ly Jones and Gilly Segal is a sto­ry about friend­ship, priv­i­lege, sports, and protest from the best­selling authors of I’m Not Dying With You Tonight. Read about the authors’ inspi­ra­tion for writ­ing Why We Fly here, and lis­ten to an inter­view with the authors by Lois Reitzes here.

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