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Man Martin in conversation with Teresa Weaver

Man Martin in conversation with Teresa Weaver

Decatur Library Auditorium

May 23, 2017, 7:15p.m.

Sometimes Bone King cannot go through doors. He has no physical impairment, but at times his brain and muscles simply can’t recall how to walk him through them. Perhaps it has something to do with his being distracted thinking about grammar and etymology all the time, or maybe it’s anxiety that his wife is having an affair with the yardman. But then renowned neurologist Arthur Limongello offers a diagnosis as peculiar as the ailment: Bone’s self is starting to dislodge from his brain. The treatment is a series of therapeutic tasks; Bone must compliment a stranger each day, do good deeds without being asked, and remind himself each morning, that “Today is a good day!” Man Martin will be joined on stage for a conversation on his work, writing, and much more, by Teresa Weaver.